Powerful Keyword Research tools for SEO (2019)

The last quarter of the year is getting gradually over, now will have some few months left before the year is over. Wow! Another New Year begins again and everybody with so much and great expectation, hope and success to achieve things.

Some financial institutes are closing their year account, whereby internal and external auditing of account taking place to determine their profit and loss. Manufacturing companies are not left out, as closing calendar year gradually near, planning for begins another year is unfolding, they are thinking what and what to inject-in or new product ideal to introduce and develop into the system, moreover, now technology evolving every single day. The scientists are so restless in research to invent one device of technology or the other.

Companies like Automobile have already produced different types of 2019 car ready at the factor even lunched already, e.g 2019 Land Rover Range Rover Velar SUR, 2019 New Range Rover SV Coup, Land Rover 2019 Range Rover Rust-Oleum NeverWet Plus SUV cover, Land Rover SUV Covers 2019 Range Rover Budge Lite SUV Cover, Broadfeet Bullbar for 2017-2019 Toyota Highlander in Stainless Steel, Silver. All this cars are almost the same with existing once, it may only have little changes either the shape or the outlook.

Apple computer and Microsoft software program are also busy with innovation, modernising the look, shapes of computer and introducing new software in other to change some efficacious uses of them. Did you know Apple and Microso

Avant Garde Gaming PC

ft have pioneered its way through the computer industry, not once, but multiple times throughout its existence, they believe in pushing the limits of creativity in order to produce interesting and valuable product for society.

They had a profound impact on technology, innovating and influencing not only how computers and software is been used, but the activities for which what it’s use for. For me, I called this product development and strong strategic way.

Now a gaming computer screen 2019 is out.

Avant Garde Gaming PC: This full size gaming PC is everything you need to dominate all of your favorite games and squash the competition.

Phone accessories are not left out, ranging from Samsum, Nokia, Infinix, Galaxy, i-phone, Gionee, Techno etc. are coming up with different product.

2019: Google Inbox App

Google’s inbox app is shutting down in March 2019. Google is bowing to the unavoidable and closing down the inbox email app, though users will have until March to switch over to Gmail. It’s a little sad for fans of the app, but it’s also not a very big shock.

Nearly, four years ago, Google launched inbox as an innovative new email app that were alongside Gmail. It brought a load of new ideas to how email could work, including old standbys like lethargic and newer ideas like bundling. Over those four years, inbox gained a few followers who suffered through too rare updates so they could have a better or at least different email experience.

A lot of the features inbox were well-loved, mainly because they were so obviously lacking in Gmail without dealing with hacky third-party solutions. Inbox provided a way to manage the blitz of email with shrugs that made it easy to process messages on the go.

It was also generally seen as a potential nurture for new email features that could come to Gmail, though, in practice, inbox didn’t see enough updates to justify the reputation as a testing ground.

Inbox did such a nice job of integrating tasks with emails. Being able to create remainders that appeared in line with emails and could be managed with exactly the same set of nodding and archive tools was super useful. ­­­

As an on-line marketer or website owners, you crave to be successful in your online business you have to up your game by planning right.

The market is so highly competitive, high or low keyword content writer, online business is like football, eleven men both side but the better side wins the game. If you are a content writer, you give your audience quality, informative and current content, definitely you are on the better side. For me, I prefer to write my content on those low competitive keywords.

Low Competition Keywords:

(LCK) are those keywords that have a good monthly search volume but relatively low competition. I classify good monthly search volume as anything over 1,000 searches per month and preferable 3,000 searches. By low competition, I mean that the sites occupying that first 10 places in Google can be beaten.

Now the year is gradually getting close to an end, if God tarries the year shall be witness. But what are you putting in place, what are your planning? Did you sit down and think­­­­ of what to offer to your audience in 2019 to generate more traffic and get ranked, what are the strong strategic action put in place as an affiliate marketers.

There are a thousand of keyword you can generate topic or title from and write an excellent content out from it, which can lead to ranking you on Google.

Again, avoid high competition keyword. Now football season has just begins. English Premier League (EPL), LaLiga Santander, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and Serie A etc.

I just want to do a little analysis to gets you understanding, if you are out there confuse of what to write on.

Example: A

  • English Premier League (EPL)
  • LaLiga Santander
  • Bundesliga
  • Ligue 1
  • Serie A

You don’t expect to write on a topic that has to do with any of this when Super Sport is show it lives and is being live streaming on Youtube by different channel’s. You can never dominate Youtube on ranking for that.

Example: B

You don’t expect to rank for —– ‘Best album 2019’ Expect Billboard.com and MTV to dominate those search rankings as soon as they write a single article on the topic, regardless of how many backlinks they received.

Example: C

A publisher of a book, a well ‘Marketing Strategy Memoir’, launched, you don’t expect a copy right to sell the same number of copies. You can be author of yourselves, through keyword titles or topic’s you are able to create, using Google Search Console, Google Trends, Jaaxy Lite, this three factors can be of help for you.

There are a thousand of keywords you can get when you put in more effort which would be future rewarding. What of if you write on some beautiful content like: Adobe Creative Cloud 2019, Norton Internet Security 2019, WordPress Yoast SEO 2019, MacOS and iOS 2019, Dreamweaver 2019, Windows 10 Performance (Updated for 2019). You can write on new trends, Game like football Manager 2019 or your own topic interest.

Finding The Right Keyword For Breaking through

Tips #1: Google Search Console

Google Search, also described as Google Web Search or simply Google, is a websearch engine developed by Google LLC. It is the most-used search engine in the World Wide Web, handling more than three billion searches each day.

Google Search Console: Is free tool that helps you rank #1, it breaks down all of you are ranking, the keyword that pages are going to traffic from and the positioning as a page 1, page 2, page 3 etc. It breaks down exactly were you are ranking, the cool part of Google Search Console when dial dip to each of your pages using search analysis it shows you all the impression that you are getting for keyword that you are bottom of page #1 for, the reason why you want to go after the keywords you are bottom of page #1 for, is way in for you to range no.1 of keyword that you are already on the first page for.

Reasons when you have a brand new keyword you are not even on top 100 you are going to do a lot of more work. When realize such google console you look for lot, lot of the keyword at the bottom of #1. You can easily get a title that you have not even cared to write a content on. But yet there is a lot of traffic and they convert visitor into customers, so once you have this keyword, Google Search Console shows you all these keywords you want, then you optimize your SEO pages, make sure those keywords are in you title tag, you made the description, your ended tag and within the content of your page by doing that your stories are increasing, you are ranking for those pages automatically fall within the first 10 places in Google.

Tip #2: Use Google Trends

Is another Google breaks down keyword traffic from word, images, news, this place is were keywords are climbing in popularity, and you want to go after keyword that are not popular yet but climbing.

Example: Apple different product of i-phone, I don’t know the next one they are going to release but let says i-phone 200x, you realize i-phone 200x has been introduced, you want to talk about if before everyone else, talk about it. However, the moment you are the first to adopt it before others because one of the factors Google has, when it’s come to ranking is time. It hard to rank other pages, is not impossible but it hard, so why not be the first people to blog about new trends that is not popular yet.

So let say i-phone 200x is coming out, you could blog about that and reviewed about i-phone 200x, cases, i-phone 200x app, the features that they have and even you don’t know all, just blog those one you do know about and you can even make your owing prediction about anything of i-phone 200x. You can write an article about.

Ah! here is my ten predictions for i-phone 200x even if they wrong that is OK, you are not lie to people, as long as you take real good educative gadget providing amazing content, people don’t have issues, so write about new upcoming keywords because you are not going to get traffic right away but in two, three months or even a year you are going to dominate no one else than you.

One tip is to check out Google Trends. You can see what is popular at the moment and you can also see a chart of topics popularity. Initially, it doesn’t matter what niche or category you choose because you’ll soon find out whether there is any market for it.

How to Find the right Keywords to Rank #1 on Google|Powerful Keyword Research tools for SEO (2019).

Jaaxy Lite
Jaaxy Lite

Is another good source for keyword search, is a tool which can easily gets you ranking. Jaaxy track historical rankings.

It monitors your website authority, create and manage powerful lists of keywords. Again, it’s analyse your competition, discover SEO trends. Millions of niches and keywords uncover with trending popular and lucrative ideas.

It gets you relevant affiliate programs in your niche exclusive of WA Premium members, Niche Keyword list.

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