About Me

My name is Blessing Omosomi. I am a journalist, a blogger & Affiliate Marketer.
I love to be adventures and venture into new things.


Childhood: I am a child who came out from a separated home at the age of four years in a suburb at Agenebode, Edo State of origin, Benin City, Nigeria. No help from both parent related to by education. I grew up to educate myself since both were not together, non was there to help. My upbringing was just totally me and me alone.

Determination & Hardworking: Today I am a bachelor degree of Business & Administrative. I also work as a journalist in one of the National newspaper in Nigeria, Lagos City, as well into content writing, blog & news.

Business Idea

Recharge Card Business: During my University days, the inkling of selling ‘Recharge Card’ came over me, because I am a very creative and intuition person. I went into selling of recharge card immediately. Then I was working with Daily Sun Newspaper, Nigeria while schooling at the same time. I came up giving out gift’s to customers twice in a year, Easter & Christmas period. Meanwhile, there was a Colleague of my, a Secretary to the Managing Director. She was the only one already into the business of card before me in the entire company. But she lacks ideas of motivating customers.

As I starts the ideas of gift, I used that strategy to break her monopoly, because then she was the only one selling recharge card, she lose half of her customers, rather than people buying from her, those people prefer to patronise me. I used that as a niche to get more money to open an outlet for my younger brother. Right now he is doing well as a card dealer.

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I am a blogger and Affiliate Marketer, my goal is to help people like you to achieve their desire aims in online.

Lastly, I want to help you avoid the biggest mistake I ever did when I first started out.

Don’t try to do everything yourself.

Most entrepreneurs try to do all the marketing, sales, and fulfillment for their business but they don’t realize how much this is costing them in the long run.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to know more about a certain topic, just reply here because I really enjoy hearing back from my readers.

All the best.

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