Apple unveil new battery cases


The cases work with Qi wireless charger. You can charge both the case and the phone simultaneously from said chargers. Though, perhaps be said that Qi speeds on iPhones are nothing to write home about, and that’s a whole lot of lithium battery to fill up. However, you’ll be better off going wired, because the case support fast charging from USB-PD compatible chargers.

The cases is made of silicone, not-battery equipped silicone cases that began shipping with the phones first, became available last year, except for the significant bumps on the lower two thirds of the backs of each case.

With the iPhone XS case, Apple assure up to 33hrs of talk time, 21hrs of Internet usage, 25hrs of video playback.  For the XS Max, 37 hours talk, 20 hours Internet, and 25 hours video playback.

The XR already has impressive batter life, adding this case, will get you good durability – 39 hours of talk time, 22 hours of Internet usage, and 27 hours video playback respectively. Apple tested the battery life on pre-production units of the matching iPhone models.

Apple’s usually own claims about its products battery life are pretty close to reality in reviews. However, a term like Internet use is sufficiently unclear as to not be very useful.

The case support lightning accessories, each phone gets a black and a white option. If Apple moves to USB-C this year or next and you feel compelled to upgrade, you might end up buy another case, even if the 2019 iPhones don’t change the form factor in a vast mode.

These phone designs are also new to be experiencing major battery life problems that have inevitably affected older iPhones and which controlled, in part, to Apple’s battery replacement program last year. And they offer better battery life overall than 2017’s phones. But serious iPhones users and frequent travelers know that no battery ever last longer.

Each case costs $129 and is available no on Apple’s online store.

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