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Is Prime My Body a scam? A Review

Prime My Body a Scam —- Another business opportunity I think I should let people know about the danger of joining or if there anybody trying to introduce or recruit you into the business. People should desist away from lure into it, is business you should never sleep and remember about, don’t dive into it.

You’ve come to the right place because I am going to share with you everything you need to know about this company for you to make an informed decision. Here are fact info and a research I had done about this company called Prime My Body.

Company: Prime My Body
Products: Beauty Products & Nutrition Supplements, plus an MLM Business Opportunity

Price: $357 to $1,071 + $39 Enrollment Fee

Owner: Digital International Media Group, CEO Paul Rogers


What is Prime My Body?

I am sure you are familiar with what Prime My Body is, but in case you still need more explanation.

Prime My Body is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company in the health and wellness industry, like many other MLM companies in the industry:

 Forever Living


Le-vel Thrive





Is Prime My Body A Scam?

After the legalisation of Hemp in various states of the United States, many companies, like Kannaway, have taken advantage of this opportunity. There is a new kid on the wing, Prime My Body.

More than just producing its Hemp products, “Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil” and “Prime Protein Superfood”, Prime My Body has a mix of other plant based products that are beneficial to our human body.

But, are they really beneficial like what they claimed to be? Is it a scam?

In short, I wouldn’t say that Prime My Body is a scam or legitimate company that manufactures and distributes plant based products.

The business opportunity look like a pyramid scheme, but it is not.

According to the company it is said that the ingredients used in its products are carefully selected and blended, so the products are of the highest quality.

Pause! Isn’t what all other MLM companies do saying as well?

I do believe the Prime My Body Products are actually beneficial to people, especially its “Prime Protein Superfood”.

Those people who are reluctant to take protein powders which are derived from brown rice (Grain) can try the Prime Protein Superfood. Though it is not totally grain free, it is blended with hemp protein, pea protein, and brown rice protein.

However, you must note that its products will not work for everyone. The same product can have different side effects on different human.

The only way to know if it works for you is to try it yourself, note that you are paying a premium for the products.

In addition to claiming you can earn $75,000 a week, Prime My Body uses several tactics to convince you that they are on the ground floor of a huge market. And, if you build a business with them, you’ll be rich. Rich that would never happened.

Statistically it has been proven that you will probably lose money if you try to build a business with this company.

However, I feel I must inform people that Prime My Body will not lead you to any financially freedom. But chances you will only lose money with Prime My Body and possibly go into debt.

There are realistic ways to achieve financial independence in 3 to 5 years, but Prime My Body isn’t one of them.

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However, the Prime My Body is a product based pyramid scheme, you will work and end up running into debt.

The Prime My Body Business Model

On the surface, Prime My Body appears to be a Multi-level marketing company promoting a small line of Health, Beauty and Nutritional products. Their flagship product is Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil, which sells for $130 for a 50 ml bottle (50 ml = 1.7 US fluid ounces). The company claims Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil has 100% bioavailability. Which means the product is available for your body to absorb, not that your body will absorb it. In other words, it’s just marketing gimmick.

Prime My Body describes its business model as network marketing, is a kinder word for Multi-level Marketing, otherwise known as MLM.

Watch the Prime My Body Compensation Plan video and you can see there are multiple levels.

The Prime My Body Business Opportunity

Why would anyone spend $130 for 1.7 ounces of vegetable oil? They do it because they believe they can make money. The only way you can sell $1 worth of vegetable oil for $130 is if you can convince people that it will make them rich. That’s why Prime My Body sells the dream of financial independence.

You can get started with Prime My Body for $39. That buys you a cloned website and business materials, but no products. Before you can earn commissions, you must first buy at least $200 worth of product. If you want to continue to make commissions each month, you must continue to buy a minimum of $200 worth of product each month.

When you join Prime My Body, you will be encouraged to go all in and purchase a large, expensive starter pack of products. The price of a starter pack varies from $200 to over $1000. Convincing you to buy expensive starter packs is just a clever way of getting as much money out of you as possible before you quit. And, you will quit. It’s only a matter of time.

Either you will quit when you become disillusioned or you will quit when you run out of money and can no longer buy product each month to qualify for commissions.

The Prime My Body Compensation Plan

Instead of regurgitating the Prime My Body Compensation Plan, I want to tell you its true purpose. You can read the compensation plan on the Prime My Body website.

The true purpose of the Prime My Body Compensation Plan is to two-fold.

First, it’s difficult to understand. It confuses the logical mind, so instead of making a logical decision, you are forced to make an emotional decision when you should be making a logical one.

If you stay emotional, you cannot make a logical decision. It’s impossible. We humans cannot be emotional and logical at the same time.

The second purpose of the Prime My Body Compensation Plan is to trick you into believing you can achieve financial independence with their business opportunity. They use it to sell the dream and to keep you believing you can succeed with their program. You can’t, but it gets uglier. 

Bforex changed its name to Financika (Sharp Trading) Ltd.,

Bforex changed its name to Financika (Sharp Trading) Ltd., please be careful. They will defraud you on the new company name. Never been licensed by BVI FSC.

I don’t recommend anyone to trade with them.

Bforex is a brand under the group called “Tradenetworks” and “Invesus”, both are under Israeli ownership and located and managed from the city of Herzelia in Israel, while they have few offices abroad such as in Gibraltar. Tradenetwork is the technology entity they established to supply technological services to bforex and the other brands they hold. Tradenetwork or Invesus supplies the trading platform name “profit” to bforex and all other brands. Their other brands:

FXGM – based in Cyprus

Financika – based in Strael, this brands works in the middle east region dynamic trade – located in Malta, aim to Japan

Forexct – located in Australia

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Bforex Methods

Great attractive advert begin pop-up every second right in your eye, motivate you to check out what is obtainable, you get lure and entered their lion dens.

Registered, immediately you are done, you will be asked to signed-in and deposit certain amount of money to start trading, in short, promises are so lucrative that you wouldn’t resist the opportunity and chances of making money online trading.

After, deposit of minimum of $200 a platform would be open were trading take place. Your manager would be assigned to you, they have every trick & tips to direct you. They know better than any other because they are the expertise.

Initially, you will be making profit seeing your profit and your initial deposit growing, thinking you are on-top of the whole world to become rich.

A day would come the same manager or another manger may assigned to you by giving you advise, that would cause your entire account to wipe-out within a day.

They have every trick and style to make sure your entirely account is been wipe-out within twinkle of an eye. Immediately that account turned zero, a called would put through to informed you. The disgusting part of it, you will be asked to deposit more funds, if you were not called to deposit funds to save your account for been wipe-out the first place.

You will be put in a dilemma, if you’re not careful you keep-on depositing your hard earning money, thinking something good will come out of it.

Don’t Throw Away Your Money With BFOREX

This company are not legit, sincerity is very far from them, they are so craft and guile. A Thousand of people had lost their hard earning cash for this particular platform called Bforex. They have their way of regulating the system to liquidate your account at a go. If the market analysis are saying Gold is going down and it is worth buying, they will confuse you to sell. Stop loss is the order of the day. They use that idea to finished your account.

The same manager they advise you to place any quote by putting stop loss is the same manager will also blamed you why did you place a quote with stop lose. You place a quote for buying or selling by putting stop loss problem or you didn’t put stop loss problem.

In short, the entire systematic is a big time scam, Bforex has sent so many people into an early grave who were trying to make income through on-line trading. Their system is so rigid in a way they are out there to cause pains for people.

It was later I learnt as you are depositing funds, the more your account crashed the more profit they made on their platform that is how the system is being operating.

Bforex’s unprofessional and abusive representative

Bforex is definitely not a company to be associate with under any costs. Unethical people and an unprofessional company with a high degree. This review can take benefit of this advice if they value their money. Avoid Bforex even if that is the last company on earth to invest.

Save yourselves by avoiding Bforex trading, they are big time impostors.

Empowr Review – Can you actually make money on empowr

Empowr, is a platform you can operative quiet alright, you do whatever blogging interest you, ranging any interest angle, you would be forcefully asked to be buying and selling product on your environment.

Ninety day’s would be given to you to walk heck out of your life and make money, as you are working, on top of your platform showing your earning, thinking these is real. What did they do? You used entire 3 months to blog beautiful pictures, blogging interesting stories, in your advert placement they will assign advert money for your advert placement, all these are gimmick to swindled your little dollars.

Empowr promote self as a world Social Democratic Platform (SDP), with the profit control of the company belong to you, their mission is to empower people by enable opportunity, hope and influence, the reality of empowr, is a creation of company called Fan box, Fan box was previously known as SMACE, Empowr Social Network launch 2015, they have been many scam claimed made by empowr & Fan box.

I recently get to fan box website, with the fan box “experiment has concluded”. In my opinion with empowr is ramble of the fan box scam. You would be receiving email from them telling you, you have earned #50 dollar, your earning is growing without register with them, if you are by chance click on the link to see what is obtainable, the rest is story.

People thinking they actual making money, I was not able to found any clue detail explanation cost you are expected to pay how much money you can make for the posting you do. I watch someone signed for empowr they were giving impression they were given over $40 by just liking a few post, here what empowr claim in term of services about your earnings empowr, may lure into vault currencies in form of earnings in connection of your user services, your investment of content, running time payment, including purchase of advertisement of empowr network an in relationship may never materialise result any direct or apply benefit or access to you. Any earning, payment of your income benefit would be made solely have be description of empowr. Additionally empowr may provide you with three promotional earning, such earning are subject to expiration with total active of blogging post offer any time with without know to you, my opinion your earning don’t mean much in empowr, it seems they can pay you whatever they want to pay you, it’s free to join empowr, the product empowr claim to offer is social network, you can just paid them, they claimed to be marketer in the core element of social media, advertising in the market place as well as the company is governance, leadership and profit, in my opinion there is no clue explanation how much profit you can actually make with this company, they talk about earning but there are expense going with these earning, not clued explanation how much these expenses would be.



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