Some people are puzzling about these word bootylicious, who coined the word into actuality? How the word found in Oxford English Dictionary? before it became usage.

There was an argument that the word bootylicious coined by Beyoncé Knowles – Before; it was include in Oxford English Dictionary.

Although, I am not a cogent admirer of all those superstar musician, to know whatever words coined by them, which eventually established in OED.  

However, the word bootylicious, I had to do a research to put these contention into rest. The word bootylicious never originated, never author or theorize by Beyonce.

She used the word “bootylicious” as title of her song. For  BOOTYLICIOUSexample: You are using a word like “beautilicious” “Lovelicious” “Likilicious” “Affectilicious”.

If you search the meaning of bootylicious in computer – Thesaurus: English (U.S.) —- ‘No results were found’, likewise if you search computer about those words I had mentioned, the same ‘No results were found’, that would come up. Despite the fact, the word found in Oxford English Dictionary.

While, because the word bootylicious has not recognise or integrate into computer software. 

Although, the term “bootylicious” was first used in song by rapper Snoop Dogg in 1992, the popularity of this song caused the slang word to become widespread and after added to the Oxford English Dictionary (defined as “(of a woman) sexually attractive”) in 2004.


“Bootylicious” is a song by American R&B group Destiny’s Child. It was written and produced by Rob Fusari, Falonte Moore, and group member Beyoncé Knowles for the band’s third studio album Survivor, and contains a prominent sample from the 1981 recording “Edge of Seventeen”, as written and performed by Stevie Nicks.

The track was released as the album’s second single from the album in 2001 and became the band’s fourth U.S. non-consecutive number-one single.

It also reached the top-five in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. A “Rockwilder Remix” of the song featured Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott and appeared on the soundtrack of the 2001 musical Carmen: A Hip Hopera and the 2002 compilation.

This is the Remix.  “bootylicious” was first coined by rapper Snoop Dogg in 1992, the popularity of this track caused the word to be added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2004.


  1. sexually attractive. 2. adj. voluptuous. Not too skinny– looking very attractive with plenty of “booty.” “Beyonce looked bootylicious in that outfit!”

Bootylicious” was written and produced by Beyoncé, Rob Fusari and Falonte Moore, and was recorded at Sugarhill Studios, Houston, and Sound on Sound Studios, New York City. …Kelly Rowland has mentioned that “Bootylicious” is the most irritating Destiny’s Child song for her since she has heard it too many times.

Destiny’s Child’s “Bootylicious” Turns 15, and Beyonce Has Been Bringing That Jelly Since 2001

Destiny’s Child members Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams debuted the iconic song on this day back in 2001. The ladies didn’t coin the term “Bootylicious”—Snoop Dogg used it in his 1992 song “F–k Wt Dre Day (And Everybody’s Celebrating’)—but Destiny’s Child most definitely helped this word make its way into the mainstream. We were ready for that jelly!

In the decade-and-a-half that followed the release of “Bootylicious,” Beyoncé become a bonafide superstar. In 2003 she released Dangerously in Love, her first album as a solo artist, and the hits haven’t stopped since.

With these article about “Bootylicious” people can get the understanding of how “Bootylicious” found in Oxford English Dictionary (OED).


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