Drinking more water & wearing flat shoes

Drinking more water & wearing flat shoes

Simple tricks you can use outside the bedroom to improve your sex life. Five surprising factors that can improve your sex life, having a full stomach makes us open to sexual feeling. 

Planning sex sessions often means couples are more satisfied in bed feeling distinctly unattractive from eating too much and demotivated from days spent blobbing on the sofa. However, vowed you’ll have better sex this year?

Here’re five factors, discovered by science, that are guaranteed to revitalise your sex life – and not one of them involves actually having sex.

Wear flats

Women wear high heels to look sexy: heels lengthen legs and increase the protrusion of our bottoms by around 25 per cent.

Research by New York based gynaecologist, Dr. Eden Fromberg, showed wearing heels all day can affect a woman’s orgasm. How?

Wearing flat shoes could actually improve your orgasm, as wearing heels causes your pelvis to arch, making climaxing less intense
Wearing flat shoes could actually improve your orgasm, as wearing heels causes your pelvis to arch, making climaxing less intense

 When women orgasm, our pelvis arches a certain way, high heels cause our pelvis to arch unnaturally, creating a contraction in the pelvic floor.

If you’re always in heels, your pelvis is already stuck in an arched position, meaning you arch less during orgasm, lessening the intensity.

‘An orgasm is usually like going from zero to 60. If you’re already at 55 (from wearing heels), you’re not going to have a full experience,’ Fromberg says.

New Research Confirms What Wearing High Heels Can Do To Women’s Ankles

A recent study conducted at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte has found that although wearing high heels originally strengthens a woman’s ankle muscles, it eventually leads to instability and weakening the same muscles.

“Initially, when wearing heels, the muscles that surround the ankles have to continuously contract to keep you upright and walking,” Tricia Turner, Associate Professor of Kinesiology and athletic training coordinator in the College of Health and Human Services at UNC Charlotte, said in a statement. “Over time you need less muscle contraction as the lower leg muscles adapt to the changes in footwear.

Turner and her colleagues gathered data from women training to flight attendants to determine ankle strength and balance at the start of their freshman all the way to the end of their senior year. They found that ankle damage associated with high heel use was caused by forcing the foot into a naturally unstable position.

With sneakers and flat shoes, on the other hand, the bones of the ankle are below the bones of the lower leg, creating stability. Over time, ligament and nerve damage in the ankle leads to complications in the legs and back.

Other studies have found that wearing too many stilettos can lead to around a dozen injuries from a woman’s toes to her lower back, including shortened calves, muscle fatigue, osteoarthritis, and altered posture. Unfortunately, most women in their 20s decide to play through the pain.

Side Effects of Wearing High Heels

  • Damage Toe Nails. There’s more to keeping your toe nails nice than just a pedicure. …
  • Worsen Bunions. If you’re unfortunate enough to have existing bunions, your high heels could be making them worse. …
  • Increase Knee and Hip Pain. …
  • Increase Your Risk Of Osteoarthritis. …
  • Muscle Pain and Spasms.

Source: Reducing the frequency of wearing high-heeled shoes and increasing ankle strength can prevent ankle injury in women. International Journal of Clinical Practice. 2016.

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Drink more water

Our cells need water to function. The more water you drink, the more able our cells are to transport oxygen throughout our body and brain.

Water is a crucial part of our bodies. It makes up a significant percentage of our body’s composition and is one of the major building blocks that sustain life. If it weren’t for water, life on Earth wouldn’t exist.

There are many benefits of water that we take for granted. Water not only helps hydrate our bodies, but it can also help prevent headaches, aid in digestion, and relieve bloating. Since water is a natural liquid, it’s much healthier for humans to drink than carbonated or high-sugar drinks like sodas or juices.

This helps our metabolism, ensuring we have enough energy for sex, and increases blood flow which is necessary for us to feel arousal and orgasm.

(An orgasm is simply the release of the pressure of all the blood that’s pumped to the genitals, back into the blood stream.)

A hydrated body is also a lubricated body, ensuring our vagina is moist and ready for sex rather than dry, making sex uncomfortable.

Staying hydrated helps balance your blood sugar, helps relieve headaches, and promotes healthy skin. If you don’t drink water every day, your body could experience dehydration which could cause tiredness, slow brain function, irritability, dryness, and high temperature.

Dehydration is also implicated in erectile dysfunction.

Hydration levels can reduce blood volume, however drinking more water can help to maintain stronger erections.

Another rather convincing reason to be downing more than a litre a day: you smell better. The higher the water content in your body, the less smelly your sweat is!

Sleep more

There’s a definite sleep sex connection and it appears to be more prevalent in women probably because of the effects of pregnancy, parenting and menopause.

All three cause sleep disorders which in turn lower our interest in sex: we’re exhausted and too stressed to become aroused.

Being too tired for sex for top position with ‘no time’ as the main reason why people don’t have sex as much as they’d like.

A 2016 US study found the longer people sleep, the more interested in sex they were the next day. Sleep deprivation causes anxiety and depression. Also inhibits production of sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone as cortisol, the stress hormone, elbows its way in.

Our sex drive plummets and his erections get wobbly.

So, the next time you’re tempted to stay up all night and binge on a box set, be aware your sex life will suffer.

The more sleep you have, the more likely you are to want sex. The more sex you have (that includes orgasms), the more likely you are to sleep well.

Be chary

It might not sound terribly sexy – being organised and paying attention to detail – but being conscientious is one of the traits that predicts how good our sex lives are.

Several studies have found people who are diligent and meticulous, far from being boring, make great sex partners and are less likely to have sex problems.

They also report more positive experiences when acting on their sex fantasies, according to sex researcher, Justin Lehmiller, who surveyed more than 4000 Americans about their fantasies for his book Tell Me What you Want.

Despite society’s perception that good sex is spontaneous sex, people who plan their sex sessions have sex more often for a very obvious reason: they make sure it happens.

They’re also more likely to plan what happens during the sex session, again making for a more satisfying experience.

Men who are ‘details’ people reported fewer problems with erections in a major study (published in the Journal of Sex Research) while chary women report less pain during sex and fewer problems with desire, arousal and orgasm than women who didn’t score highly on this trait.

Going out for dinner
Going out for dinner is recommended having full stomachs with beautiful smile at each other makes us more open to sexual advances 

Go out to dinner more often

There’s a reason why the average date ends up being in a restaurant: turns out having a full stomach makes us more open to romantic advances.

One study found women who felt happily satisfied after eating a meal demonstrated greater brain activation in areas linked to reward and reinforcement than women who hadn’t eaten.


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