Good News: Regina Daniels Is Pregnant

Who says the marriage between Reginal Daniels and her billionaire Ned Nwoko will not work or last, simply because of the age gap or different, those against the marriage should have a rethink.

So many water has pass under bridges since the news of Reginal marrying Ned break out. A man who is up to be her father, even grandfather, Reginal Daniels 18 while Ned Nwoko 59.

However, all these are history, the good news is that, the newly wed actress is already 4 months pregnant for her billionaire man. What a lucky girl.

Source disclosed thus, “she is not only pregnant, but remains Ned Nwoko’s most preferred wife, with unlimited access to his most expensive cars, houses, as well as his private jet which she brandishes all over.

She also has strong access to Ned most expensive cars —— ranging from Rolls Royce (valued at over N100 million), Ferrari, his private jet as well as his latest delivery; a Mercedez Brabus with an Abuja number plate, YAB-486 BH except Regina”, said by source.

Above all, top preparation already completed ahead of her baby delivery, Mr. Nwoko has also acquired a house for Regina in a yet to be disclosed location in UK.


Comment from Retired Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo reveal some shocking details about Regina Daniels and her husband, Ned Nwoko.

He shared this photos with caption saying….

1. Regina is Ned’s 5th wife.
2. Ned’s 4th wife is from Morroco
3. Ned’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd wives are past marriages aka ex wives. Regina is also 22yo NOT 19yo that some of you are parading. Her PVC and passport says 22yo going on 23yo this year. Just like I KemiOlunloyoexposed Linda Ikeji’s age as 42 going on 43yo this fall. I’ve known Linda since 2004-2005 when SARS came to her house to arrest her for owing a bank loan. Banks used to send cops to your houses then.
I’m the best damn Investigative Journalist in Nigeria

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