Webtalk To Take Over Facebook

WebTalk platform is a new social media platform that is like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. The difference is that you make money from the platform while you are fully in your respective businesses.

The great thing about the WebTalk platform is that, it integrates your CRM (Customer Relations Management) with your social media! It’s genius!

To maintain your personal, professional and business life online; have become daunt task. Many choices have created much confusion while non seems to give you the control of communication you desire.

Webtalk platform is the first only communication, content, collaboration, commerce and networking in one place. It help you communicate better at the same time, with WebTalk, your stream relationship more targeted and visible communication.

However, building your credibility and conduct your business more officially. Webtalk produces control which, what and when the social out witnesses of added colleagues, friend and family to the same online network is now over.

The growth is insane. Over 90K users in 5 days. You become a founder until the positions are closed since its still better. Its perfect for advertising your business.
Pay 50% of revenue with their users.
You get paid up to 5 levels down.
Facebook is making $3 per user per month
Lets say they give you $1 per user a month and you invited 10 and your 10 also invited their 10 up to 5 levels.
You can make $10 on your 1st level
100$ on your second level
$1000 on your 3rd level
$10000 on your 4th level
$100000 on your 5th level
Everymonth forever.
Hurry the news are spreading fast
Click the link below to sign up.

Building Connection Process

Managing your communication better begin with managing your contact better. Webtalk having bring connection process up to labour connection, bases on your real life relationship.

However, building new relationship on Webtalk platform, you cannot labour professional connection as prospective contact, sales, employment, business and Investment opportunities.

Using webtalk build and group in sovereignty laboring and future. Then add keyword and description a hope to search for that person later in future on your contact management directory.

Albeit, maintaining credibility is streamingly important in all aspect of your life. However,  Webtalk allows you to showcase your town visual and your medial gallery to show off your professional Portfolio, Degrees, Certifications, Photos, Videos.

This means you can also showcase product, service and review on your business page to help you get trust and attract new customers.

In near future, Webtalk are among the market place search future to help all user buy product up by other members and conduct more business locally.

Creating Opportunity

Webtalk platform help everyone connect more opportunities and become more successful,  webtalk pays up to 50% of all revenue to amazingly loop program called Social CPX.

Above all, Webtalk not just online network, income and competitor and generate earns of billion of dollar from Advertising, Premium Upgrades and Transaction Fees.

Facebook and maintenance generate on average of $3 per month for every user.  Amazon generate about $70 dollar per month from product sales, as the first social income and competitive. Webtalk project reaching average of $10 per month, per user.

Transaction fees

Webtalk generating revenue from every Advertising sales, Premium upgrades, Talent solutions, Transaction fees just like the other but the difference in Webtalk share it with you when you enroll in a free affiliate programme.

You earn a 10% commission all revenue generating by the users and businesses you include in Webtalk for a life, your long time of earning potential for user referral is estimated at $1 per month.

Although, we all know that $1 is not life change so Webtalk decided to do something incredible and whatever one product, is a chain reaction of growth with Webtalk.

Therefore, you earn from your direct referrals also they referral and they referrals also buy degrees for separation. For instance the average connection of your referral which is $1 and all your referral got 10 referral user each and continues to buy degrees over the separation.

However, you can earn $10 per month from your first level, $100 for your second, $1000 dollar for your third, $10,000 dollars for you fourth and $100,000 per month from your fifth level.

With Webtalk affiliate program a simple follow me on Webtalk post and facebook and twitter could potentially life changing. However the best product of the affiliate program is you don’t have to change any of your data with it every social network give you a profile or page link for you to share and build your network.

Webtalk does the same only better when your profile drives you to Webtalk or any of the affiliate program, give you product for the referral, import your email to invite your contact to connect with Webtalk, you get credit for every one joined.

Share your product, videos and flowers of man made and you earn credit for referral or you can sign up here. It’s that simple!


I had did a research on the company ‘WebTalk . Is a new program that has a great potential to grab now and make your money online. A good number of people has already signed-up into this very lucrative program.

Moreover, is free it’s cost you nothing, I research online about it and it legit,  I did everything I can so that when I bring the information to you, you are able to make an informed decision about the program.

What I have found in my research is that with WebTalk, there is going to be an enormous potential to make money from referring people. But the real jewel is that the company is willing to split 50% of their profits on your referrals, with you if you are one of the first 1,000,000 people to enroll in their affiliate program.

If you have not register is free: https://www.webtalk.co/be/home/6643385

See the chart below:

Beta Tester 5-Tier Team Bonus

You are not only making money on your referrals, you make money on everything they do with WebTalk. If they advertise, you get 50% of the profit (10% 5-levels deep). That’s unbelievable​. So why being one of the first 1,000,000 people is a great advantage for you.

Potential Earnings ​

There is no way to forecast​ how much you will personally make from WebTalk. What you in-put into the marketing of the platform is what you get out of it.

Here is a chart to show a very low rate of only 10 people daily, and look at the earnings potential using a very low rate of 2% conversion. That’s an astounding amount of money. That is calculated using low-end figures based on predicted results.

How to refer and start earning

You must be invited to the WebTalk platform to participate. If you try to sign up without a referral, you will be unable to. That is the reason I’m invitating my co-WA here:

Once you signed up, the process is ease​. You can place your new WebTalk Affiliate Link on your website. If you don’t have a website yet, I can show you exactly how to set up a free affiliate website here:

Free Websites + Free Training

Please, if you have any comment or question feel free to ask and comment on this new programm.

5 thoughts on “Webtalk To Take Over Facebook”

  1. This definitely seems like an interesting concept because most marketing platforms that allow you to earn money also require you to market THEIR product or training alone, which may not have anything to do with your existing business. It’s nice to know there are legitimate ways to earn money online that give people the opportunity to learn and (in the future) work from home full-time.

    • My beauty sister, how is your beauty training. I hope everything is fine, thank God for that.
      in case you are still interesting of joining Webtalk to show case your product and talent, you are welcome
      In short I see some WA member on the platform, it does not disturb you of your WA business.
      For me is good platform to belong, and it will not take you any thing to join.
      here is the link —– is free https://www.webtalk.co/be/home/6643385

    • My beauty sister, how is your beauty training. I hope everything is fine, thank God for that.
      in case you are still interesting of joining Webtalk to show case your product and talent, you are welcome
      In short I see some WA member on the platform, it does not disturb you of your WA business.
      For me is good platform to belong, and it will not take you any thing to join.
      here is the link —– is free https://www.webtalk.co/be/home/6643385

  2. Hi sorry for you response to you comment on time, I was away for time now. But I had been back.
    Concern ‘Webtalk’ you can check-out. You know this online business of thing you never can know where you can your break through from, one connection or the other help us to get that breakthrough.
    Even as you a WA member, you can check-out. I got to know the platform through WA members.
    ===>CLICK: https://www.webtalk.co/be/home/6643385

    Looking forward to hear from you.


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