Naira Marley song is causing war on social media again

Naira Marley, is trending again, he was was arrested in May by operatives of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) over his statement related on internet fraud.

After the ordain he has released a new song which that is causing war on the social media.

Most especially twitter users and fans of popular Nigerian singer, Azeez Fashola, popularly known as “Naira Marley” are currently at war over the contrast between his music and personality.

Naira Marley dropped songs that topped the charts since his release from EFCC custody.

This included the controversial “Soapy” song which exhibited masturbation in prison custody.

With the release of his new song, “Puta”, Twitter users have argued if a singer should be judged by his personality or the music he sings.

Here are Twitter reaction:

@harbidemi01: “I love Naira Marley’s songs but his personality I don’t like… So, don’t be annoyed if you see me jo soapy while still saying Werey ni Naira Marley.”

@Funnycator1: “Deep down, I know I didn’t hate Naira Marley, It was just Peer Pressure.”

@i_olaelixir: “Some people don’t hate Naira Marley music, they just want to follow the crowd and act like they’re posh.”

@omoissyy: “Hating Naira Marley will just give you unnecessary headache and chest pain ‘cos you can’t run away from his songs.”

@ObongRoviel: “I am not a Marlian or I don’t like Naira Marley doesn’t mean I won’t Dance Soapy or PUTA.”

@SpearsSaint: “Oh Naira Marley the great one, we are sorry, so sorry for all we have said about u and music. We realize ur’e great! Ure a born star Just shine on us.”

@fvraz_: “On some real shit, every Nigerian thought it was over for Naira Marley when EFCC got him. Righteous twitter already gave him a life sentence.

But look at him now, Soaped his way back to every radio and TV station and you hate to see it.”

@hooreofe2 : “He’s a bad influence. Zero lyrics but danceable beats will make you forget that his songs are trash. Oya jo soapy.”


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