Nigeria election fell below expectations – Observers

An Elections observers make some comment about Nigeria election. According, yes, election are pillar of democracy and good governance, most especially free and fair with credible elections.

However, Nigeria has had two decades of uninterrupted democracy. Most of the major observer groups had been part of Nigeria’s democratic process since 1999. Except a few, majority of the notable groups did not mince words that the elections fell far below expectations.

The reports of groups raised critical issues about the seeming endless challenges of holding credible, free popular, violence – free , and fair elections in Nigeria. For instance, the final report of the European Union election observation mission was a confirmation of the growing worrisomness that credible polls is still a mere wish in the country, and If the reports released by the notable election monitoring and observation groups, both local and international is anything to go by, the 2019 elections fell below the acceptable threshold.


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