Reasons Of Be Happy In The Means Of Circumstance

Here is the reason? Read.

At the early hour on Friday morning May 31, 2019, I felt disappointed by missing the company vehicle, who was supposed to take me to Ketu, then begin my journey to Mowe in Ibadan express way. I had to walk my way down to Isoro and boarded a vehicle going to Berger.

Initially, I was complaining within myself, asking question! I can’t answer.
I asked, what kept me inside? Why was I not immediately go back and off my computer?

In other for me to catch up with the vehicle; look at, you will spend more money to get home.

You know, I work with publishing company, due to the nature of my job going home late is very risking. Whenever I discovered I couldn’t be able to go home, the next thing; is for me to pass the night in the office, the following morning would be safe for me to get home.

However, if I’m to go with the company vehicle, I had to be alight because as they are loading, none of the drivers wait for a second.
They distribute papers very early in the morning. Deadline must not joke with. So, following them, you must be available.

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For this purposed, Isoro bus stop was the only option for me, and I embarked on my journey. Within Anthony, an accident struck. What we saw is that; the driver was able to manage the vehicle near the pavement and stop. Managing to stop, brilliantly he flied out of the vehicle and sat on top of the pavement.

Eventually, the vehicle stopped elsewhere. Two passengers was seriously injured, one of the two, a man, his left leg was totally condemned and crushed, in short, grounded. We learn the vehicle fail break that was what result to an accident.


Where I was inside other vehicle I entered, all my body was shaking with pity, particularly; the man who his left leg has been cut off and grounded. I held a voice an understanding to always appreciate God.

Inside my mind, so many questions came up again, what of if I am the one this accident happen to? Quickly I rejected such voice and thinking. And I as well prayed quick healing for those affected in the accident.

Always appreciate God and stop complaining in every situation. That
man wake-up early hour in the morning to go somewhere, never arrive his destination peacefully.

Immediately, I came out from my office and discovered those vehicles has left, initially, I was blaming myself by asking different question why this, why that, but something said.

Ah! Stop…

That is how God want it. He has purpose it that way that I’ll not go with the company vehicle. I am not saying anything happened with my company driver. In short, as at time I am living the office, they have gone and come back.

Of course, nobody wishes an accident for anybody. But the incident is an eye-opener to me. Because the way it’s happened not up to 10 second, that cause serious injuring in people life.

I am begin see that everything in life is by God grace.

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