Royal Baby Sussex is due to arrive

#ROYALBABYWATCH – Baby Sussex is due to arrive any day from today this week and as royal watchers, we’re eagerly awaiting for the first news of the birth. 
This is what is expected to happen the day Meghan goes into labor and subsequently Baby Sussex is born.

It’s going to be different to the past generations of royal births in that we won’t see the baby hours after it’s birth but everything is expected to run the same. Meghan & Harry
This is what WILL happen! 
Operation Baby Sussex :
1. The moment Meghan goes into labor, the couple will prepare and Harry will drive his wife and unborn child to the hospital with a police escort.
2. When the couple reach the hospital, they will inform senior members of the family which are The Queen and Prince Charles that Meghan has gone into the early stages of labor. 
3. Two or three hours into the labor, the couple will let the media know about her labor and then the British media and reporters let the world know about it and then they all assume their positions at Windsor Castle, on the Long Walk where a press pen will be set up, lasting up to 72 hours. 
3. Harry will then have an encrypted burner phone with him at all times during the labor which is connected to Buckingham Palace where the Queen resides. 
4. Meghan will give birth to the baby via natural birth or C-section and then the second the doctors confirm the sex of the baby, Harry will then call HM The Queen FIRST and tell her of the birth and then the sex of the baby before the couple continue basking in their joy. 
5. The couple’s aides will inform the rest of the family about the birth before letting the world know of the birth.WA Change Life
6. Since there will be no photocall outside the hospital after the birth as the couple want to keep the birth private, we won’t see baby Sussex until 2-3 days later where there will be a brief photocall moment on the grounds of Windsor. There will be 1 reporter, 1 TV camera & 1 photographer.
7. An easel will be placed outside Buckingham Palace with all the details of the baby and birth.
8. The Tower of London will canon a 41 gun salute, there will be a colorful showcase at the London Bridge& the BB Tower will have pink/blue caption.

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