Setting Smart Goal

Setting Smart Goal

Setting Smart Goal

How to achieve your goal by setting smart goal

An organisation can be set-up and run on daily basis whereby getting the right location, office, equipment and man power, however integrate into the operating system. Basically, board of director, manager’s, sales marketer, down to the lower staff, would be emerge, to run the daily activities as business going concern.

This system is fading gradually due to technology advance and style. In other word.

The company could be:

  • Manufacturer Company
  • Production of Goods & Service
  • Financial Institution
  • Sole Proprietorship

But one ultimate thing is paramount and most importantly, crucial for every organization or companies.

Setting Smart and Goal’s determine the future of a company success, ideas derive, creative of new technology concept.

  • Professionalism, core purpose
  • company discipline
  • Principle and rules
  • Targeting audience
  • Meeting up deadline
  • Product Promo
  • Social Responsibility
  • Advertising
  • Strategic system upgrade
  • Customer Satisfaction

When an organization lacks purpose, they are like driving vehicle without destination. Possibly, Gadget without any programs installed, empty hybrid trying to combine analog and digital together.

Any Organisation without decisive purpose with quick to adapt system of new technology change, however, that company can simply fail or operate in managing level, break-even or making no profit in this new dispersion.

Although, sole proprietor may not necessary need to have all those highly technology device to operate but a set-up principle and rules with upgrade technology that enable the growth of the establishment. Every Sole Proprietor with possible connected workforce can grow from Limited to Public Limited Company. If for instance the company it’s well manage by the owner of the establishment.

Coscharis Group of Company

Example: Cosmas Maduka is the founder, President/CEO of Coscharis Group. He started Coscharis Motors as a one-man business and over the years has transformed the organization into an indigenous conglomerate, with diverse interest in Manufacturing, ICT, Petrochemical, Auto care and Auto Components, Automobile Sales and Services, Agric and Agro Allied business sectors of the economy.

He committed to setting the bar high and establishing world-class best practices in Nigeria that every other industrialist will have to be judged by.”

Evolving Work Force

The whole business world is evolving quicker than what you can imagine, therefor any company who is not evolved along, obviously,  be ready to face the consequence or out of business system.

As the business world evolve, there is change, new technology device emerge day by day to enhance productivity, communication, delivering of goods & services, new apps has been developing without stopping.

No more analog, digital environment continued to evolve at a breakneck with data streaming in from everywhere and from every type of device.

Information and its management are critical to optimizing operational efficiencies. Online businesses are taking places by rendering services, regardless of the geographical areas across the global. But the good thing is that it’s easiest the functionality of any company and expand the scope of that organization.

Relating Two Company

The Nation and The Punch, the two company are newspaper, operating as a media house, reporting daily news, coming out the same market, selling product to the same customer, above all, distributing outreach the same.

But The Punch create powerful an edge over The Nation newspaper in terms of distributing outreach, But, not content per se, while simply, because The Punch set very smart goal by getting the best printing technology machine.

A printing machine which can run thousands of copies per minutes, However,  The Nation machine is an outdated type, it only runs a thousand of copies per hour, before The Nation could finish printing The Punch has already been in the distributing Zone, the same market The Nation paper would sell, you discovered the time The Punch gets there, cannot be compare with the time The Nation get there.

Therefore, this affects The Nation sales, advert and customer satisfaction. Customer who needed a copy of The Nation, if eventually, the newspaper is not available it goes for Punch. Before The Nation paper could arrive The Punch might have finished selling. Above all, The Nation, sells of course, drop, with more returns hundred of copies.

A research done between two company, you discovered that The Punch sell far more than The Nation because of their delivering time is more efficient and prolific.

Company Structure

The company structure in terms of salaries, other basic staff warfare is far better than that of The Nation. They set their goals right and there is high growth for the company.

This has been the premise upon which the business world has been operating in the struggle toward market domination and profitability.

If on-line businesses owner like Face book, Google, Yahoo, Bing, WordPress, Wealthy Affiliate, Amazon, etc. are not setting-smart goal, I don’t think the level of an internet would’ve wider to this extents.

Example: Alphabet Inc., Parent Organisation to Google and Youtube, meanwhile, Google and Youtube are now subsidiaries, sister’s organisation both. In Google you can get all you want news, video and images, good content research. But ideas of Youtube struck. You discovered, old, new generation using Youtube to blog videos, training, live video, TV programs, people create an account and make income from it.


Today I am  using this opportunity to talk little about cloud a new device that enhance organisation workforce.

What is Cloud:

It provides easy access to resources as you need them on flexible terms, eliminating the need to build and maintain infrastructure. Cloud allowed you to focus on enterprise workloads rather than maintaining expertise across the spectrum of clouds and technologies.

Fifth Generation Computers (present and beyond)

Fifth generations computing devices, based on artificial intelligence are still in development. They consist of extremely large scale integrate, they possess high logic and memory chips and have the ability to mimic human intelligence. Examples are Robots and Super Computers.

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Technological and social forces are transforming how work gets done, who does it, and even what work looks like. In an effort to understand how organizations can rethink their approaches in the face of the evolution of work.

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