Smartphone Can Cause Stress For Children

A smartphone may appear to be a helpful tool for children when it comes to homework or after school activities but on the contrary it might be a source of stress and anxiety for them. Phones loaded with a variety of social media and other apps, and the constant notifications not only distract children but also cause stress among them as they try to cope with contemporaries.

To know more about the impact of smartphones on children Philip Kortum, an assistant professor of psychology at Rice University conducted research titled “You Can Lead a Horse to Water But You Cannot Make Him Learn: Smartphone Use in Higher Education” in 2015.

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“Smartphone technology is penetrating world markets and becoming abundant in most school settings. We were interested to see how students with no prior experience using smartphones thought they impacted their education,” said Kortum.

The research revealed that while users initially believed the mobile devices would improve their ability to perform well with homework and tests and ultimately get better grades, the opposite was reported at the end of the study.

Another study from late last year titled ‘Digital Addiction: Increased Loneliness, Anxiety, and Depression’ claimed that smartphone usage can be similar to other types of substance use. “The behavioral addiction of smartphone  use begins forming neurological connections in the brain in ways similar to how opioid addiction is experienced by people taking Oxycontin for pain relief – gradually,” said Erik Peper, Professor of Health Education at San Francisco State University.

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